Wednesday, May 5

Sunkist's Take A Stand

This one will make you smile! It's an American classic and a rite of childhood. I'm betting that every single one of us at some point has participated in one.

A Lemonade Stand! I can remember standing at the end of my driveway, pitching lemonade, like it was yesterday.

And I'm still pitching, just not lemonade anymore!

Who better to help keep an American tradition alive and turn it into something even better than a great American brand. Sunkist.

The brand has been helping kids for several years create lemonade stands to raise money for charity. The numbers are pretty impressive .... 65,000 lemonade stands and over $3 million in donations. With so many people in need, it's great to give kids a vehicle to give back.

The brand has been expanding the program every year, and now includes a design contest for the best lemonade stand. All done over social media.

Such a simple idea, so core to the brand and what it stands for. Marketing that can only make you happy. And of course sell Lemonade!

Check it out here:

What's your experience? Jim

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