Monday, June 14

Cornell 25th Reunion

If life is just a string of experiences, then I just hit a milestone. I went back to Cornell this weekend for my 25th Reunion. To say it was a special weekend would be the biggest understatement of the last 25 years.

It was so great to see so many friends again, especially my extended Pike clan. So many good friends with whom we shared our very formative years together. Friends that I was really close with at such a critical time in our lives, really close. It was just amazing to see them all again. To share a drink, a memory, and by the end of Saturday night, a whole lot of crazy dancing!

The love, support, and interest that they all showed for my new book was just incredible. In many ways my book is a compilation of all my experience since I graduated from Cornell, and it was conceived while on a trip back to Cornell with my son, so the fact that I was back on campus just a few weeks after its release is part of the total experience for me.

I even did a book signing at the campus bookstore on Saturday. It started at 11:00, and sure enough at 10:50 in come some of my Pike fraternity brothers to show their support. That was a wow! And my friends kept streaming in the entire time. So overwhelming, to tell you the truth. Meant so much to me.

So thanks to all my Cornell friends: we've shared a lot through the years, most importantly the four years at school, and now I am so happy that I've been able to share my book release with you too. Really appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks to Facebook, we can keep sharing our life experiences.

What's your experience? Jim.

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  1. It was wonderful to see you and to buy signed copies of the book. As a (ahem) long-time marketing guy I really enjoyed it -but as you know you signed another copy for as graduation gift. I think The Experience Effect makes a perfect introduction to the marketing world/ad biz for college graduates too!