Tuesday, June 8

Huggies Denim Diapers

File this under "why didn't anyone think of that sooner"!

Huggies just introduced diapers that are covered with a denim pattern, so that Huggies babies look like they are wearing jeans instead of diapers. The brand launched the new diapers at a fashion show in New York just a couple weeks ago, and they are now rolling onto retail shelves.

So simple, so clever, so right. I so wish they were around when my kids were young. Love the copy from the website: "Mama may be struggling to get back into her skinny jeans, but for a limited time her babe can wiggle his way into a fresh pair every few hours." Too cool.

Proof once again that the simplest of ideas can often be the best. Smartest part about it? Gives moms a new reason to consider the Huggies brand.

The only sad part is that they are only available for a limited time. Just like your babies are only babies for a limited time.

What's your experience? Jim