Friday, June 11

Is Chevy Inconsistent?

There was an article and a call to arms in The New York Times yesterday about Chevrolet's desire to cease using "Chevy" as a "nickname".

Evidently management is worried about brand consistency so it only wants to refer to the brand as "Chevrolet." Now I just wrote a book all about brand consistency and I don't get this one, to be honest.

When you have such strong brand recognition I am not sure why you would tamper with it. The fact that consumers call you by a nickname, a long standing nickname, is such an amazing thing. It's almost like a term of endearment. Not to mention that it's a nickname that has squeeked into pop culture. "Took my Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry."

Most brands would die for that kind of connection with their consumers.

Should Coca-Cola get rid of "Coke"? Is it ok to call Philadelphia "Philly"? Interestly, Radio Shack is right now trying to get their consumers to use "The Shack". Not sure how well that is going :)

For me, multiple versions of a long-standing iconic brand is not a problem of inconsistency. It's a wealth of brand equity.

You can read The New York Times article and weigh-in with your opinion on an auto blog right here.

What's your experience? Jim.


  1. Just got a tweet: Budweisser will always be "Bud"! Jim

  2. Chevy is in more of the modern vernacular than Chevrolet. Maybe it's Chevrolet that they should do away with.

  3. I agree with Ed G. I was shocked to learn this development. someone very old must be in charge of Chevy these days.

  4. Been getting lots of examples from folks:
    - IHOP
    - FedEx
    - UPS
    - WaMu
    List keeps growing! Jim

  5. Merc
    Man U
    to name but a few more. All have in common the fact that it is the consumer that has given them the "nickname". It is a term of endearment and Chevrolet shouldn't dismiss it. As for Radio Shack wanting to be called "The Shack" - doesn't work if that's not how people refer to it. It's like me deciding on my own nickname - somewhat contrived!

  6. Totally can't create your own nickname ... that's like saying you are "cool." If you have to say it, then you're not! Jim.