Wednesday, July 21

Domino's, Naked

You gotta admit, Domino's has made great strides recently. At least in its marketing, if you don't believe anything else.

Full disclosure here: I've been a Domino's fan since Freshman year in college, and I still am (don't judge). I guess it's that feeling of comfort from gobbling something really delicious when you are really hungry and maybe a little bit stressed. So satisfying.

The Domino's campaign started earlier this year with an admission that their pizzas were not all that great (along with a promise to improve) -- and now comes a follow-up campaign with a promise to only show real, un-retouched photos of their pizzas in their advertising and marketing materials. Naked, if you will. Only a confident brand would do such a thing, right?

It's an unconfirmed nod to the Dove "Campaign for Real Beauty" -- the Domino's "Campaign for Real Pizza". And the brand invites consumers to submit their own photos of "real" (naked) Domino's pizza onto their website.

A pretty cool move in yet another chapter of the pizza wars.

What's the best part? The fact that Dove has made it yet again into pop culture with a knock-off of its original campaign concept around the beauty of real women and using un-retouched photography. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

What's your experience? Jim

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