Tuesday, July 27

Eat Pray Love

Everyone loves a good summer "feel good" movie, and everyone loves a come back. Brace yourselves for a big one on both accounts. Coming in August, the new movie with Julia Roberts called Eat Pray Love.

From watching the trailer, get ready for quinessential Julia Roberts -- the "pretty woman" we fell in love with years ago. The Julia Roberts we want ("need") to see on film. A perfect timing story as we all struggle with the after math of a decade of public bad news and personal set backs.

"I used to have an appetite for my life, and now it's just gone."

The movie is not even out yet, and the marketing machine has already kicked in. Gaming, contests, web content, social media, and of course a trailer fit for a Julia Roberts fan. Even a line of products at Fresh. All aimed at reinforcing the Eat Pray Love concept of finding ourselves again. All to get us engaged in the movie before it comes out, so that it opens at number one.

"This is my 'no carb left behind' experiment."

I can't wait -- I need to see this movie!

What's your experience? Jim


  1. I can't wait! I can relate to all of the above as can just about anyone, a universal pull .. travel, love, finding yourself .. The trailers are enticing, the book fantastic and of course the return of Julia Roberts. Throw social media into the mix and Eat, Pray, Love is sure to be a blockbuster

  2. Totally Agree! Can't wait! I'll be going to see it with my Ya Ya's!!!