Friday, July 23

Fiskars and Crafting

Really successful brands "own" something. They take on their core benefit, they BLOW IT OUT, and they do it better than anyone else in their category. They succeed because they produce real value to their core consumers and they make an intense emotional bond over time with each and every one of them.

I found a great example in an unexpected place to illustrate the point. Scissors. Who thinks about scissors, really?

Fiskars does, and so do the millions of consumers who do crafts. If you are into crafting, then you can't live without a good pair of scissors. The brand Fiskars gets that and they own it.

With a signature color and unique product design, the brand is also recognizable from ten feet away - not an easy feat in the scissor category. And you'd be amazed at the breadth of their product line. Who knew?

Take a look at their website. It has everything, and I mean everything, that someone who is into doing crafts needs. Resources, ideas, classes, links, a blog, ambassadors, fans ... even craft tv. Much of this also gets translated to the retail environment at key locations and at certain times of the year. It's actually incredibly impressive to see a brand do such a deep dive into a topic, a topic so near and dear to not only their business but to their consumers' hearts. And they do it so well that no other brand can touch them.

The brand owns crafting, full on, and for that I applaud it.

What's your experience? Jim

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