Monday, August 16


We're in the midst of the second biggest retail season of the year, back-to-school -- second only to the December holidays. So what's that mean for people like us? Usually some great marketing to observe, enjoy, and learn.

Every year I look forward to great back-to-school advertising, and I have to say that this year I've been disappointed. Nothing sticks out. We can usually rely on Staples to entertain and motivate us, but there really has been nothing remarkable this year. Bit of a marketing bummer.

I will still of course take great pleasure in trolling the aisles, stocking up on supplies for my two teens, but it's not quite the same without the entertainment. :(

As with many things "these days", we need to look online. Twitter and Facebook is packed with back-to-school offerings for friends and followers, so make sure you check out the action. One cool item to note: a Twitter party sponsored by Frito Lay.

Next Thursday August 19th at 8:00pm, Frito Lay is getting moms together on Twitter to talk about school lunches with a TweetUp hosted by two nutritionists. Great use of the vehicle and the timing is perfect.

How did I find out about it? On a mommy blog!

One other interesting thing to note as well: a new line of clothing at Macy's from Glee (the television show that we've all fallen in love with). Not the most innovative clothing line in the world, but a sign of the show becoming a brand and getting more involved in our lives. It just debuted this past weekend at Macy's around the country, and next weekend members of the cast are doing store appearances in Southern California.

Stop by and pick up your Cheerio top!

What's your experience? Jim.

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