Friday, September 10

Food Trucks

My momma told me, "you better shop around!" She also told me to never ever eat from a food truck!

Well times are certainly changing. The food truck has quickly become the new gourmet restaurant, and a big part of urban pop culture, serving indulgent ice cream, delicious pastries, unbelievable burgers, crepes, sandwiches -- you name it. These gourmet food trucks move around cities to catch people in different neighborhoods. Some of them tweet their locations so that you know where to find them and some encourage you to "check in" with FourSquare. You can even lobby through social media to get them in front of your office building.

I'm not talking about stale pretzels or wieners floating in water here. This is real, amazing food.

And now The Food Network is even getting into the action. A new show with celebrity chef Tyler Florence is called "The Great Food Truck Race" -- food trucks compete in a cross country journey to determine which truck makes the best food. Every episode one truck drives home while the others carry on. It's sponsored by Hellmann's and will ultimately result in one winner with a cash prize of $50,000. I love the tagline: "There Will Be Breakdowns." :)

If you haven't gotten the nerve up yet to try one of these new gourmet food trucks, give it a try. You'll be quite surprised. And be sure to call your mom.

What's your experience? Jim

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