Thursday, August 26

Kashi Makes It Real

Health food has long had the reputation of being, well, difficult to digest. If you went to a health food store you were surely trading off great taste for something that was better for your body. We were just conditioned to thinking that if it's healthy, it can't be that tasty or satisfying. It never felt like real food, at least not to me.

We have certainly progressed as a food industry, with health food and health food stores really sparking a revolution in eating better and enjoying it. Just look at what places like Whole Foods have done for the industry. Shopping there, and then enjoying the food at home, is an incredible experience.

I am a big fan of Kashi. I am fairly familiar with it because I was doing a lot of work for Kellogg's when the company bought the brand. The food, particularly the cereals, are so delicious that you look forward to the bowl of goodness first thing in the morning. Go Lean Crunch is a staple for me. It delivers an incredible burst of flavor and a crunch that satisfies.

What I admire even more is the brand's positioning and its advertising. They have done a wonderful job of making healthy food accessible, relateable, and friendly. The advertising features company employees living their own healthy lifestyle, talking about their work.

This is not the first brand to showcase its employees, but I dare say it's one of the most successful. At least in terms of creating a image of the brand as wholesome and welcoming. It makes health food seem like just a natural thing to do. And it all looks so tasty and quite honestly ... real.

Seven Whole Grains on a Mission. Here's a little article that I'm quoted in if you'd like to read a little more (told you I was a fan!).

What's your experience? Jim

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