Friday, August 13

Pretzel M&M's

My colleague Andy Levy takes a page from my book and comments here on the new advertising for Pretzel M&M's. Personally, I've just discovered the coconut flavor, and I'm crazy for it. Either way, the brand consistently delivers.

What's your experience, Andy? Jim.

In his book “The Experience Effect”, Jim so deftly describes M&M's as a brand with a unique but concrete personality. M&M’s is a total experience in and of itself, from that iconic little black (or yellow if it’s peanut) bag to its full-on retail fantasy experience. But how about their commercials? Does the experience translate to the small screen?

Sure does!

I don’t watch too much television, primetime or otherwise. I know I’m going to sound like a caveman, but I don't have a DVR yet, so when I do watch I have to sit through the advertising. Most commercials go in one ear and out the other, however there are a few that stick and when they do, I know they are good.

One of those is the new M&M Pretzel campaign - probably one of the funniest commercials this year. For me, the chocolate and pretzel combination is not an obvious one, especially for M&M's. I have had chocolate pretzels before and they are heavy and filling. Not my cup of tea. The thought of a pretzel in a very small candy like M&M's seemed off at first – they're so small, how's it going to work?

Then I saw the commercial and every time I think about it I giggle, the response I'm sure every brand would like.

It goes like this – the official M&M's spokescandy is not happy that he has been tapped to be the guinea pig for the first pretzel surgical insertion. In comes the pretzel with a plumber’s disposition saying, “Listen buddy, I’m not too thrilled about this either.” Then with backs to the camera, they look at a surgical blueprint on how this is going to happen. Knuckles cracking, the pretzel says, “All right, let’s get this over with!"

The voiceover casting is genius. You can sense the trepidation and eventual resignation. It’s hilarious! It just shows that the M&M's brand personality is original, engaging and always an experience.

The best part? That little commercial got me to try that new candy and I like them quite a bit.

- Andy Levy from Lippe Taylor Brand Communications

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