Wednesday, August 4

Mad Men Advertising

We are in the midst of a Man Men craze. Social media circles and water coolers are all a buzz about Don's behavior, the new office, the clothing, even the pace of the show. We are all in '60's adland heaven.

I have not heard many people comment, however, on the advertising. I've noticed a huge shift towards advertising that has been specially created to run during Mad Men. Now if you are time shifting, then you might not notice but you really should check it out.

Clorox, BMW, and Dove (among others) have made television advertising executions that fit directly with the Mad Men concept. Great examples of tailoring the marketing message for a specific touchpoint, to put the touchpoint to its maximum value.

Dove and BMW show retrospectives of their product lines through the years, starting with the Mad Men period. Clorox simply shows a white collar shirt with a lipstick stain with copy that talks about "saving ad men for years".

A brilliant use of television advertising to appeal directly to a targeted audience in a specific medium. To me, it makes the show even more enjoyable to watch -- after all it is about advertising!

What's your experience? Jim.

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  1. Such a saavy way to get us off that Dvr button. I wonder if advertisers will figure this out for other shows?