Monday, August 9

Martha Stewart at PetSmart

She's at it again ... launching a new line of products. This time aimed at pets and exclusively at PetSmart. Martha Stewart Pets at PetSmart is a line of accessories for dogs including bowls, collars, toys, and clean up products.

In true Martha fashion, she has personally selected and tested each item, even the beds. And the website is all Martha too, with advice on dog care and recipes for biscuits. Check it out here. Her two french bulldogs even have a blog, The Daily Wag, where you can follow their adventures. Trust me, they have an adventurous life!

The line is also beautifully merchandised at retail as well.

Whether or not you like Martha Stewart the person or Martha Stewart the celebrity, you have to respect her as a business woman. And although she seems a bit over exposed, this new pet line and partnership with PetSmart is brilliant. Just as brilliant as her line of crafting products at Michaels, her cookware at Macy's, her furniture with Bernhardt, and her holiday line at KMart.

All of it Martha, all of it very high quality, and all of it with an educational component so that we do it all just a little bit better. As only Martha would do.

What's your experience? Jim.

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