Monday, August 30

Temple Grandin

We may not have known her before Sunday night, but we sure know Temple Grandin now.

Temple Grandin stole the Emmys last night. Not for her performance on a television show, or for her red carpet look. But for a life dedicated to autism education that was celebrated on a made for tv movie that won 5 awards.

Although this is perhaps her biggest moment in the spotlight, it's not her first. She has won numerous awards in her field, and was even named one of Time Magazines "most influential" this year.

I had not heard of the movie about her life, to tell you the truth, but I am now fascinated by Temple Grandin. She has autism herself, diagnosed at a time when the medical community really knew nothing about it. She has worked through it her whole life, earning multiple degrees, writing several books, and completely dedicating her life to autism education as well as animal welfare.

I am quite positive that she will put this new found fame to good use, raising awareness for autism to new heights. She's an inspiration, truly.

To learn more about Temple Grandin and her work, visit her website.

What's your experience? Jim.


  1. It's amazing what obstacles people can overcome to achieve success. Temple Grandin is certainly the epitome of that. Makes me what to work harder, reach higher!

  2. My friend Andrew Levy sent me an email and asked me to post this comment on his behalf. Thanks, Andy!

    There is a great organization called Zero to Three ( that is on the front lines of recognition and treatment of autism and other pediatric developmental disorders. Their extremely adept at seeing the signs at the earliest stages and providing treatment - some therapies are non traditional that have shown incredible effectiveness. The site is a great resource for all parents raising children too.

    - Andrew Levy

  3. Temple Grandin is a remarkable woman. So was her mother, who never failed to support her daughter with strength and insight.

    Temple will be interviewed for my film on the American cowgirl. She embodies the never-give-up cowgirl spirit which fueled her, her passion,and the humane work she did in the treatment of animals.

    Thank you HBO for sharing her story.. and thank you Jim for sharing the impact it had on you!

  4. Thanks so much, Barbara, really appreciate it. Good luck with the film, sounds amazing. Jim