Monday, August 9

West Elm

The folks at West Elm (the furniture and accessories retailer) really get it. They understand retail therapy and the shopping experience. And they understand locals because they give those of us who live nearby a reason to keep coming back.

Everytime I pop into a West Elm store, which is a lot, it always feels just a little bit different. Same core items are always there, but everything is just mixed up a little bit differently than the last time I was in. New items, sale items, innovative merchandising ... it always looks fresh. Not sure how they do it, but I do know that the staff is wonderfully attentive and talented.

Right now the store is in a '60's mood, perhaps inspired by Mad Men and other pop culture entertainment du jour. Worth a look.

Antique dealer and artist Mike Miller is also featuring a line of "silhouette" artwork and pillows that are just to die for. Only for a limited time, and only available at West Elm. But surely a reason to stop by, browse, and purchase.

West Elm has the brick and mortar retail shopping experience down ... right when everyone is saying that retail is dying. Not here.

Think I'll stop by on my way home!

What's your experience? Jim.

1 comment:

  1. I love West Elm...I just wish they would lower their prices a tiny bit!