Thursday, September 30

Another Season of Glee!

So the other day I blogged about how Modern Family far surpasses any of the new shows this season. Well, I totally forgot about Glee, mostly because I missed the season premiere. But I caught this week's episode, and let me tell you I am a Gleek!

This show is awesome. Far different from Modern Family, which I still love, but total appointment television at its finest.

The music is to die for. This week it was Britney who was honored. Brittany S. Pierce to be exact, who came out of the woodwork to show her stuff. Impressive.

Even more impressive is the marketing. Product placements within the show are soon followed by featured advertising. Right after the first cameo appearance of the real Britney, comes a commercial for her new fragrance. Right after a scene where the characters are worshiping a Corvette, comes a commercial for the new Corvette.

Most intriguing? The partnership with the Members Project from American Express.

Several commercial breaks asked the question: "Some people want to do good, others don't - which one are you?" I don't know - they didn't tell us enough to figure it out, so like any good fan I had to go check it out.

Glee teamed up with the American Express Members Project to promote local efforts to save the environment and to contribute to charity. They partnership encourages fans to participate, using cast members as inspiration -- with the show, its website, and social media outlets. Sans Sue Sylvester because she doesn't want to do good! You can read about it at OK, I am a little embarrassed that I knew about that fan site. :)

This is just plain ole' good marketing, with a cause. Around an amazingly entertaining show. I'm filled with glee.

What's your experience? Jim

PS - Sue Sylvester quote of the week: "You wear more vests than the cast of Blossom" (ROTFLMAO)

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