Wednesday, September 1

J.Crew & "The Romantics"

I am a big fan of J.Crew -- I "like" it and "follow" it weekly. If you know my book, you'll remember that I chronicle it as a best in class "experience effect." Here my friend Andy proves my point, with an example of how the brand continues its incredible consumer experience, and even motivates his behavior. And he's not even a J.Crew fan!

What's your experience, Andy? Jim.

In a previous blog post Jim refers to the marketing machine in full effect with Julia Roberts and "Eat Pray Love." Multiple partnerships and channels are expertly engaged so that even if the movie does not earn what the studio had hoped, it still has a great probability of spurring product sales with its partners.

This brings me to the new Fall 2010 J.Crew catalog. This Fall’s theme: "A Fall Romance" using the cast of the new film “The Romantics” as models showcasing a new line of clothing.

The layout has the extremely attractive cast looking very natural and preppy-chic in J.Crew clothing -- being playful, funky, daring, sexy and a bit seductive, all characteristics of the new clothing line. I have no doubt that the symbiosis of the brand and film will play off of each other and spur sales for both.

(note from Jim: great use of the word "symbiosis")

After all who would not want to look and feel like Josh Duhamel and Katie Holmes, in addition to the other cast members as they strike cool comfortable poses in the clothing. The only thing J.Crew might have missed on the web is that there is no J.Crew content or link on the movie website. But the reverse is true, there is a lot of cool movie and cast content on the J. Crew site, including "behind-the-scenes" at the photo shoot. Check it out here.

This is a great partnership that has the ability to drive sales in both directions. Although I’m not a huge J.Crew fan myself, the Fall catalog whet my appetite and I’m excited to visit the store soon.

(note from Jim: mission accomplished)

- Andy Levy

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