Friday, September 17

A Spectacular Week

It was a big week for spectacles. First it was the VH-1 Video Music Awards on Sunday night, which seemed like it was going to disappoint but then was saved by one little moment: Cher (in vintage Cher) giving the video of the year award to Lady Gaga (in a meat dress). Yes, you just read that right. Then Lady Gaga gave us a little sample from her new album "I Was Born This Way." The night was saved, as Cher held Gaga's meat purse while she spoke.

Now Gaga is known for her spectacles, and it seems like her creativity is rubbing off on others.

It's been Fashion Week here in NYC, which is always good for a spectacle or two. The city is jumping (no sign of a recession this week), as party goers hop from event to event. I went to a couple myself, rooftop to rooftop with stunning views of the city mixed with crazy over-the-top DJs. One party had an electronic violinist playing along with a house beat DJ -- both in crazy dresses. I also heard from many people that the runway shows were far from ordinary as the designers pushed their own creative boundaries.

But for me the spectacle of the week was Donna Summer singing with Prince Poppycock on America's Got Talent. I didn't catch it live on tv (I hardly see anything first run anymore), but I did catch it over and over as it was covered in all the online channels.

Crazy. Prince Poppycock was in full Poppycock mode and then here comes legendary Donna Summer out of nowhere, holding her own style, singing like there's no tomorrow. Complete with Gaga and Poppycock inspired hair and accessories.

There seems to have been a theme for the week. "Go For It." Express your creativity and create a spectacle of yourself. I love it and I think we all collectively need it. It's a nice breath of fresh air, perhaps inspired by the spectacle of the moment, Gaga.

What's your experience? Jim.

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