Thursday, September 23


"I should have had a V8 (insert hand gesture)" - one of the most memorable "taglines" in advertising history. Not only memorable, but also relateable and meaningful - all with just a few simple words.

The V8 brand has a very simple mission, as stated on its website and clearly communicated in all of its marketing: "Get More Vegetables to More People Every Day." A new advertising campaign clearly shows that by drinking V8, you can hit your daily dose. Why not just drink them? It's a simple and clear message, and actually quote motivating. There's a small article about the campaign here.

I have to say that I am not personally a V8 consumer, although I should be. But I am a big fan of the brand, mostly because they have so clearly defined their brand premise and have stuck to it year after year, decade after decade. Consistently sticking to something that works is just plain great marketing.

But they also keep it fresh. Not crazy innovative, but fresh. New products along the way (Fusion, Splash), of course new advertising, expanded web content, and now a new line of V8 soups! "Another delicious way to get your vegetables." Doesn't hurt that V8 is a Campbell's Soup brand, another great marketer!

What's your experience? Jim

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