Friday, October 29

Family Game Night

Here's a concept that's been around for awhile, and I've been meaning to give it some creds.

Family Game Night. An idea created by Hasbro as a way to get people to play more games (and obviously buy more of their products). It's quite simple: pick one night a week where your family stays home together and plays a board game together.

Hasbro did a complete 360 marketing campaign complete with advertising, instore materials, website, public relations - an entire holistic plan including special promotions and incentives to host family game nights at home.

I love it. On trend with pop culture, brand focused, filled with consumer insights - everything you want in a successful marketing idea. And by all accounts, pretty successful. And although a few years old at this point, still relevant with consumer sentiment. We just don't have enough time to spend with our families, so we have to create moments together.

But this isn't new, so why am I bringing it up now?

Because on the reality show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" they do family game nights. Now sometimes they play board games and sometimes they play real time poker - but as a family they get together every week and play (or so they say). They too are a busy family, but they create time to be together (I know it's sometimes in front of cameras, but it's really true)

I just think it's cool that the Hasbro concept is still alive on a pop culture sensation (perhaps even placed by the brand, who knows).

BTW, full disclosure, I was also reminded of it today because I was at a beauty event with Kim Kardashian. She's a beautiful woman and I'm a big fan. I love that she is so centered on her family, so much so that they've turned themselves into a marketing machine. Great respect for their marketing skills!

What's your experience? Jim

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