Wednesday, October 27

Halloween Costumes

It's always fun to predict what this year's biggest Halloween costumes will be - so as you personally prepare for the big weekend, just like in marketing, it's important to know your competition!

What I find most fascinating is how much pop culture influences costume selections. Sure, there are the standard ghosts and goblins -- remember when the movie Scream created a wave of those scary masks? This year will are likely to see a lot of vampires as a result of the Twilight series.

For the kids, look for Toy Story and Iron Man characters, as well as a big influence from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland which may also spread into adult costumes of Alice and The Mad Hatter as well.

Predicted to be the biggest adult costume? Lady Gaga! Her influence on pop culture has been enormous, so it's easy to see how her many "creative" outfits will sneak their way into Halloween parties, for the girls and the guys!

Right behind Lady Gaga is the cast of Jersey Shore ... Snooki and The Situation. Can you believe it? When you realize their pop culture status, it's easy to see how bumpit wigs and fake abs will be all the rage this year.

Likely to be missing will be politicians. I think we are over it, so I don't expect to see a lot of Barack, Michelle, and Hillary - but I could be wrong here. Just seems dated at this point, IMO.

No matter what ends up being your creative inspiration, please do enjoy the holiday safely!

What's your experience? Jim.

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