Monday, October 25

I Love My Hair

Sesame Street has long been promoting diversity, self-confidence, acceptance, and obviously education. The show is a crown jewel in our pop culture, and I doubt there's a one of us that doesn't have a Sesame Street memory from our childhood.

A new little segment ran a week or so ago that has caught on like wildfire - reposting on YouTube, Twitter mentions, and it even hit mainstream news.

"I Love My Hair"! A little African-American girl sings a little ditty about how much she loves her hair because she can do so many things with it. At first glance, it might seem silly and superficial, but the truth is that African American women stress out a lot about their hair. Especially little girls as they grow up. Society throws in their face that long flowing hair is what's beautiful and the cultural norm, and it's not easy for them to get that look. So it affects their self confidence and their perceptions of beauty.

This little video is so amazing because it's so simple. The writer created it after seeing how much his adopted little daughter struggled with her own hair. "I Love My Hair" is repeated over and over - and I couldn't get it out of my head all weekend! So simple, so cute, and evidently helping to make an impact on self-acceptance.

Watch it here.

Way to go Sesame Street. Still influencing after all these years!

What's your experience? Jim


  1. Chris Rock's daughter asked him why she didn't have 'Good Hair' and it prompted him to make his documentary,

  2. I saw it! Not sure how well it did, but it looks fascinating, actually. Jim.