Monday, October 4

Life In Little Bites

Time starved. Multi-tasking. Stressed out. Task oriented. Over scheduled.

Just a few phrases to describe life as we know it. Even with the advent of technology, we seem to still be trying to do more with less -- less time that is. So something has to give.

For me, it's the extra time in my day that I used to squeeze things in for myself. There used to be times that I could count on to get the things done that I wanted to get done. Like an early am workout or 12:30 lunch or that few minutes before bed. Even those times have a "to do" list attached to them. It's getting crazy.

If you're feeling this way too, then you need to read this little article that appeared in The Boston Globe over the weekend. It's all about how we are now consuming life in little bits, as witnessed by the popularity of 100-calorie treats. These prepackaged, consumable snacks are a symbol of how we are living our lives: in small doses, running place to place, with small increments of pleasure here and there. It's not about weight loss at all, it's about being time starved and wishing for little indulgements whenever we can get them.

Food as a symbol for our pop culture and life style? Sure, why not!

You can read the article here. If you at all relate, then join in the conversation!

What's your experience? Jim

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