Friday, October 8

New Gap Logo

It's been quite a week for logos. First it was the new merged logo for United/Continental, and now Gap.

Seemingly out of the blue, Gap (as in the retail store) suddenly changed its logo, but apparently only on its website as a start although I'm sure there is a roll-out plan waiting to be seen. Or is there?

The new logo was not well received, to say the least.

It's hard changing your logo, particularly one that is so iconic and well recognized. We've been living with the blue box and bold type for twenty years! I give the brand credit for trying - the retailer has been suffering and they are using every tool in the toolbox to reignite the brand. Freshening up a logo is certainly an option.

The interesting part, and the most admirable, is that the company is listening to the feedback. On their Facebook page, they explained the rationale behind wanting a new logo, acknowledged the feedback that they've been getting, and invited people to submit new designs.

No promises for yet another redesign, but certainly a valiant attempt to listen to customers and to create a dialogue with the consuming public.

Maybe it was planned that way all along, or maybe their just staying on top of the buzz -- either way it will be fascinating to see how it all plays out.

What's your experience? Jim.


  1. That is one boring logo.

  2. Someone created this cool little app where you can "gap" yourself! Try it!

  3. Gap announced today that it is reverting back to the old logo, thanks to all the fan comments! Jim.