Tuesday, October 26

Political Ads

Political ads ... I'm over them. I just have to say that as a citizen and a human being I feel like I am being bombarded with mixed messages and (quite frankly) lies. I feel like I am being talked down to, and I feel like my home and personal life are being invaded.

I don't really understand why we let it happen. Sure, free speech, I get that. But why we allow politicians to spend money that they've raised to basically just trash each other - I don't get it.

None of the advertising really sets anyone apart. I don't remember any of the executions and I certainly don't remember what any of the candidates stand for from watching the advertising.

As a marketer, I clearly see how the candidates could be doing so much better. Instead of spending so much effort trashing each other, why not develop a strong positioning for yourself? A reason for being on the ballot and communicate that! Do what the consumer goods do - tell us your benefit and how you will improve our lives. Market yourselves!

I don't get it, and I wish it would stop. It makes me not even want to vote, which I am sure defeats the purpose.

This is Jim Joseph and I approve this blog post.

What's your experience? Jim.


  1. I don't know anyone who appreciates the barrage of nightly phone calls at dinner. I hate it. It's rude, boorish and downright impolite. I get "free speech" but I am tired of the negative ads. I vote (I'll write it in) No More Negative Campaign Phone Calls to Voters Homes. Makes me want to un-register.Great way to run a campaign by alienating your constituency.

  2. Of course ... I didn't even mention the phone calls! I don't even answer my landline (what's that!) anymore! Ug. Jim