Friday, November 5


I was walking down Bleeker Street in NYC the other day, just kind of strolling along. If you don't know, Bleeker Street is a quiet little street in Greenwich Village that has become a bit of a shopping mecca, filled with little boutiques.

Across the street I noticed some buzz in front of what looked to be a new store, so I walked over to check it out. It was in fact a new store .... from Gant!

Gant! I think of the brand as tacky mens' ties and business shirts, to be honest. But clearly the brand has gotten an extreme makeover. The store itself was so inviting, a little boutique that just draws you in. Rustic wood paneling, cabinets filled with merchandise, and sales associates dressed perfectly. The clothes are amazing. Casual stuff like jeans and rugby shirts and polos - a bit like Ralph Lauren meets J.Crew.

The brains behind the new brand is designer Michael Bastian, and his work is incredible (if you are as much into mens' clothing as I am). So impressive that I just had to give him and Gant a shout out! You can visit his work here.

I am not sure how wide the distribution is, but you really do need to check it out. I bought a pair of khaki's for myself and now I'm buying the lacrosse-inspired jacket and polo shirt for my son.

I just love seeing a "tired" (sorry, no offense) brand get revitalized. It's the stuff great marketing is made of!

What's your experience? Jim


  1. The lacrosse player in place of the polo player is a nice touch. Gant has such a great name. When you can do it in one syllable you've got a leg up I, believe. I began to see the label reenergize last year in 5th ave location. There is a bit of A&F in there too.

  2. So true, although A&F is SO young that no one over 25 can wear it. Jim