Tuesday, November 9


I've become completely fascinated by Kohl's lately. I've heard many times over that the retailer is doing quite well despite the recession, even in a Walmart and Target dominated world. So I decided to check it out myself.

Popped in on a Sunday afternoon to a packed house, and not just browsers. There was a long line at checkout and everyone in the parking lot was walking to their cars with multiple bags in their hands. And it wasn't even a big sale day.

Customers were buying! What a novel concept these days.

As I walked around the store, I was honestly surprised by the quality of the merchandise and of the array of brands. Clothing for women from Vera Wang and Britney Spears. A huge selection of Polo for men and boys. A home collection from Elle Decor. I couldn't believe it.

The other surprising feature -- customer service! Every department had help in it, and even the store manager was walking around making sure that everyone was getting what they needed. It was awesome. Brought me back to my high school days when I worked at JCPenney!

Now it all makes sense -- no wonder Kohl's is doing so well! And BTW, I was one of those consumers walking back to my car with multiple bags! There I said it.

What's your experience? Jim.

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  1. Funny you speak of this today. Last night, I found myself in Kohl's. I am usually drawn to the Candie's brand because of the lovely Britney. I love the store because it's a one stop shop for everyone! Though, I perfer to shop at thier New Jersey stores. I like smaller crowds.