Monday, November 22

Oprah's Favorite Things

We all know it's Oprah's Farewell Season, and she is certainly pulling out all the stops. Big celebrity reunions, big giveaways, big topics of concern. Did I mention big giveaways?

Although through the years there have been many giveaways, I wouldn't say that there have been a lot of product placements. Some, here and there, but certainly not at the level of other shows. So in the world of marketing and public relations, to get your product on Oprah is the holy grail!

Well Friday's show was product placement heaven! The lucky audience members were given thousands and thousands of dollars of merchandise -- Oprah's favorite things. But it wasn't just a regular audience because each person was hand selected based on their community service. These people had given to their communities so it was time for them to be on the receiving end.

And Oprah did not disappoint, because the entire show was one giveaway after another. Custom merchandise from Ralph Lauren and Tori Burch. A cruise. Even a brownie pan that makes sure that every brownie has edges! Every single one a branded product placement. Marketing nirvana! Especially loved the FedEx elves.

And today is day two ... so tune in!

What's your experience? Jim

1 comment:

  1. The Keebler Elves were on, handing out gifts .... and Oprah gave everyone the new VW Beetle which isn't even avail yet! Jim.