Tuesday, November 2


There's some interesting marketing activity coming out of clothing manufacturer Piperlime, which is owned by Gap. The brand is encouraging consumers to "get dressed again" and to "put away the hoodies". Hmmm, funny coming from a parent company that makes jeans and hoodies! Call it good brand portfolio management.

It's an interesting concept in these days of business casual getting all a little too much casual for many people's tastes. C'mon people, let's put some thought into our clothes and dress like me mean it. Not formally, by any means, but put a little effort in.

Obviously as a guy who matches his socks with his watch with his pen everyday, I like the Piperlime approach. Don't have to go formal, just look good. Look like you care!

For the most part, Piperlime is an online retailer -- right on the website along side sister brands Gap and Banana Republic, which I personally think is a miss. I would have put some distance between the brands, and let them stand a little bit more on their own.

A couple points of interest:
- an entire section of shoes for men and women, fully stocked! Do I hear a little Zappos action?
- for a limited time, there is a pop up store in Soho NYC which is totally worth checking out

Piperlime ... check it out.

What's your experience? Jim

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