Thursday, November 18

Twitter Chats

If you are at all in the game on Twitter, you have to start participating in some of the Twitter chats. So simple, each chat is literally like a chat room (referenced by a #) on Twitter where like-minded people gather at a designated time to discuss a specific topic of interest. Most of them have a regular host, who is both administrator and "mc", and the group meets at the same time every week.

For example #blogchat meets every Sunday night at 9:00pm ET. #entrepchat follows right after. These two in particular are a lot of fun, at least for me. The first, #blogchat, is filled with people who right blogs. #entrepchat is for entrepreneurs.

I will admit, the conversation is fast, and it's hard to type fast. There are often guest hosts who bring a particular expertise to a given subject, and that's been very informative. I typically stay on the chat for about an hour, and then move on.

It's just a wonderful way to connect with people (most of whom you don't know), who have similar interests and trying to accomplish similar things. We can learn from each other! Something that just a few years ago was much harder to do, even though chat rooms started out in the aol days!

Well now there's a Twitter chat for just about anything, from dogs and cats to health concerns to running a small business. Just hop on and do a search for your topic and I bet you'll find a chat to try out.

What's your experience? Jim.

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