Tuesday, November 23

Wonderful Pistachios

There's a great new campaign out for none other than Pistachios, as in the nuts. Wonderful Pistachios to be exact. Yes, Wonderful is the brand name.

The new campaign is called "Get Crackin'", and it features a whole range of "celebrities" showing how they crack open their pistachios. "Celebrities" like Snooki who uses a tanning bed and Charlie Brown and Lucy who kick it like a football in that famous scene.

Who knew that pistachios first of all had a brand at all, and who knew that they could be so much fun? Check out the Facebook page -- to see the commercials and also play a game called crac-man.

What I find interesting is that pistachios in and of themselves are an experience. You have to crack them open to eat them, one at a time, which is part of the enjoyment. The Wonderful brand of pistachios has in turn made a fun experience to go along with the product. Even the packaging is well done. Who knew?

What's your experience? Jim


  1. Just played crac-man -- retro fun! Jim.

  2. Actually, I beg to differ. Cracking open the shells is a bummer and gets annoying, especially for the hand full of nuts guy like myself. :)

    The Persians do it right as they have brands that sell bags of de-shelled pistachios. Ahhh, now that's a nut!

  3. Funny you should say that ... I bought a bag of de-shelled pistachios and hated them. Just wasn't the same experience for me! Jim