Friday, January 21

The Plight of Airport Food

I am sticking to my New Year's Resolution this year .... I joined Weight Watchers to shed a few lbs that have creeped up on me. I've been doing really well; it actually works, as long as you're diligent.

My will was put to the ultimate test this week though ... flying. I had two back to back trips, so I knew I was going to be subjected not only to temptation, but also to jet lag which heightens our need to munch.

But I had no idea how bad it would be. At three different airports, I couldn't find anything to eat. Nothing healthy or Weight Watchers worthy. No salad shops, no smoothies, no fruit ... just pizza, fast food Chinese, burgers and fries. Not that there's anything wrong with those foods, I've lived many a time thriving on them. But not right now when I have turned a new leaf in eating healthy. I'm getting older now and I can't just eat whatever I want. Those days are over.

I literally had one of those moments where I was standing in the middle of the concourse almost spinning in place. Looking 360 degrees for something that would work. I finally saw a Yoplait yogurt and a banana and decided it was just going to have to sustain me for a couple hours.

On the plane? Even worse. Nothing at all. Period. Starving .....

So all I could think is "where are the marketers!" This is a HUGE opportunity. Millions of travelers every day passing through our airports and flying on planes, not all of them satisfied with high calorie, high fat food. Get some salads in there, some grilled chicken breasts, some fruit ... some healthy choices. This is complete white space for a clever brand or two to fill. And please make it easy to bring on board, so we can spread out our goodies and not shove it down our throats waiting at the gate. Not a great experience.

Someone better get on board with this ... there's money to be made! And people's health to save.

What's your experience? Jim.

BTW -- I am way ahead of my weight loss goal, so it really is working!

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