Wednesday, January 12

iPhone and Verizon

The day we've been all waiting for finally came on Tuesday, quite honestly without all the pomp and circumstance that the rumours would have had us all believing.

Verizon is now servicing the iPhone. "... forget your troubles, come on get happy..."

The truth is, despite the horrible (and I do mean legendary horrible) customer service, I have been a loyal Verizon customer for years, because the network is so strong - just like they say in the advertising. I got an iPhone at work about a year ago, and an iPad over the holidays. The one thing I hate about both is the AT&T service, and I know I'm singing to the choir on this one.

I never understood the AT&T exclusivity, unless there was a technology advantage that I simply don't know about. When you negotiate a marketing alliance, both parties are supposed to benefit. Equally, and ideally without money changing hands. It's an exchange of assets, I always say, that allows both parties to do things that they couldn't do on their own.

I get it from AT&T's perspective. The brand was all but dead and needed the demand that the iPhone instantly generated. But for Apple, what did they need from AT&T from a marketing perspective? From any carrier for that matter. AT&T brought them down, quite honestly. I for one put off the purchase for a long time because I didn't want to deal with AT&T.

Perhaps those days are over now ... we have a choice in carriers if we do indeed want to engage with Apple. And true to form Apple marketing, they are already alluding to new advances with Verizon coming down the pike. And the rumours are already leaking, stirring up pent up demand sure to cause a frenzy with long lines stretching around city blocks.

Good thing, because the Droid has been eating iPhone's lunch. Same great apps, same great features, much better cell coverage. Perhaps the Droid, over the course of the last year, was what pulled the drama out of the Verizon announcement? Ahhh .... I love marketing.

What's your experience? Jim.

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