Wednesday, January 26

Jack LaLanne

I have to say that I've been debating all week about this blog post. Not because I don't think Jack LaLanne is an inspiration, because he is. More because I didn't want to look like I was jumping on the bandwagon after his death. I didn't really know much about him until I started reading so much this week.

All the commentary I've been hearing on Twitter and Facebook and even at the "water cooler" has been absolutely fascinating. People love this man and all his little sayings. As the "Godfather of Fitness" he is famous for his little LaLanne-isms, such as:
- Your Health Account is Your Wealth Account
- Long Live Living Long (he certainly did that!)
- Exercise is King, Nutrition is Queen ... Put Them Together and You've Got a Kingdom
- People Don't Die of Old Age, They Die of Inactivity
and one of my personal favorites:
- 10 Seconds on the Lips and a Lifetime on the Hips

This man is an incredible brand that I am sure will live on. A unique personality that had his fingers in television shows (really THE original), exercise videos (Jane Fonda should thank him), home appliances, food products, and even a clothing line (his own version of Spanks, thank you very much).

We all knew what his brand was all about and he was incredibly consistent in his messaging. He basically invented a genre and was loved and respected by millions upon millions.

And now greatly missed as well.

What's your experience? Jim.

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