Friday, February 11

Fashion Week

Fashion Week started yesterday here in New York. I always love the buzz that it gives the city. This time around I need to pay particular attention because we are working on a program for Fashion Week in the Fall and I need to get my game on.

So I went to one of the shows at the main pavilion to check out what was going on, and I was a little surprised at what I saw.

Brands! Not just fashion brands - main stream brands. The main lobby that everyone walks through to get to the individual shows was completely flanked on all four sides by consumer brands.

Now I know that a lot of brands have Fashion Week programs, but I didn't realize that they would be right there in the lobby. Right in every one's face.

Sure, Mercedes Benz was there. After all the brand is the title sponsor. Mercedes Benz had two big displays, fashion themed, featuring two of their "models" (cars). The brand also had a VIP waiting area behind closed doors.

But I was more surprised by the other brands there. Maybelline has a lash bar to try out their products. Tresseme has a hair station to get a little refresher. And Starbucks has a Frappuccino bar - but just in bottles. I also got a sleek little aluminum can of Diet Coke, an official sponsor of the Red Dress campaign.

I was completely surprised to see an area reserved for DHL. DHL? Is that how they ship the samples? No real mention of product features, just a logo'd waiting area where guests could take a load off. AOL also had a charging station where guests could sit down and re-charge, a bit unexpected coming from that brand.

It was great fun seeing some of the fashionistas. I saw at least two in long red fur coats with big matching hats. Fabulous.

OK, I got my notes - back to the team to start creating.

What's your experience? Jim.

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  1. Jim, You are so lucky that can be part of the Fashion Week, the event that every girls out there dream about. In my country, Fashion show is exclusive for broadcast people and fashionistas so I(normal people)can't be in there.

    One of the event that I used to involve in was the Jim Thompson annual sale that I was a leader of handbag and accessory section. Not only just Jim Thompson brand but I saw a lot of related brand join our sale as well.

    For example, Visa set up their booth in our sale, promoting their Visa card holder exclusive promotion. Thailand organic coffee leader joined and gave a presentation of espresso art which it was so cool!

    Brand helps brand. Sounds good.

    Plienpramook P.
    NYU SCPS Student