Friday, February 18

Favorite Moment of the Day

It's early in the morning on a Friday, and no one else is up in my house. Not even the kids. I stumble out of bed and grab a drink from the fridge and I start to write my blog post for the day.

It's my favorite moment of the day.

No one is asking me questions, I am not rifling through tons of emails, and I am certainly not on a conference call or debating the next great campaign for a consumer good.

I am all by myself, alone in my thoughts, and writing.

I wouldn't want it this way all day long. I love my work. Marketing is a team sport and I love being around people creating. But it's nice to have that moment every morning where it's just me. And I love commenting on all the great marketing I see in the marketplace and spreading the cheer through the blogger universe.

I am highlighting this today, at this moment, because it never occured to me that this time in the day was so important to my soul. Not until a writer from The Huffington Post contacted me for a story he was writing about his favorite moment of the day. He was collecting thoughts from other professionals about the moments in their day that they relish the most. He caused me to think.

We all need a little down time, a moment when we are not "on", a moment when we are not dealing with the kids, paying bills, wrestling with work issues, grocery shopping, or rushing to a meeting. A moment when it's just us. Even if it's just for 20 minutes. That's my favorite moment of the day.

What's yours? What's your experience? Jim.


  1. Hi Jim, I totally agree with you. We must have this time alone!
    But, independent of what people like to do in their favorite time, they are rounded of brands. So, even when you are at home alone, writing your blog or if you just walk to a nice cafeteria, this is a very importante moment to the brands. Look to your example, you have at least 5 brands in your favorite moment. Your bed, the drink, your fridge, your notebook and your internet conexion. Therefore, most of people are not marketers and don't remember how great are the brands that they use every single day. Many times, they just remember the brands just when they have some problem. In other hand, we have some top-of-mind brands, that were not really well experienced by consumers, but just because they are very traditional and people remember them first. So, my question is, how to communicate and measure the brand tracking with these people, with effect results?

    Fabio Y. Ito
    SCPS Student - NYU

  2. Great point - capture people when they are in their moment and you may have a brand fan for life. Jim.

  3. Jim, how many brands are part of your favorite moment of the week/day?
    I thought about my favorite part of the week (from a marketing perspective) and noticed how many brands have become a part of that moment. Not to sound materialistic, but we all find peace of mind and comfort in the trust we place on brands. During my favorite moment, I trust that the shirt and jeans I wear, the IPad I read, and the Starbucks coffee cup I hold in my hand will provide the right message about my sense of style thus making me comfortable and letting me focus on just enjoying my time. Comfort is one of the best feelings a brand can allow us to feel. I was in the service and to this day, I recall military deployments to basically brand-less environments and the feeling of opening up and drinking a can of home …I mean Coke.

    Oscar Caicedo
    SCPS Student - NYU

  4. Hi Jim,
    This might sound silly, but my favorite personal "moment" in a day is in the shower - where everything is routine and my mind can just be free to think about whatever it wants to think about for however long it will take to get clean. My shower used to be my escape in college, a warm place for 15 minutes devoted to switch my brain from studying and deadlines to anything other than.

    Obviously brands are all over the place in people's bathtubs and showers, but to some degree I would argue that in that moment, at least for me, they become a bit obsolete. Not completely, but a little bit. Those brands play a larger role for me while I'm standing in the supermarket trying to decide what shampoo to buy, or which one I bought last so that I can rotate them out. But I guess that just goes back to brand trust and loyalty, like Oscar was talking about. If you trust the product you're using, it allows you not to worry about it in "your moment".

    @Oscar, it's cool to hear you were in the military. My husband is in the air force and when he was in Arghanistan his boss brewed Dunkin Donuts all the time - that's what really made him feel at home (other than skyping with loved ones).

    Dana Morand
    SCPS Student - NYU

  5. Love how you all are equating personal moments to brands - and the feeling of security that familiar brands can bring. Jim.

  6. I LOVE the early morning! I can think, clear of mind before all the days insanity invades my personal space... A cup of coffee and my keyboard is all I need. Then, in the blink of an eye the day begins, lunches to be made, calls to answer, schedules to keep....