Tuesday, February 1

Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever

Suzanne Somers. Here's an example of a celebrity brand, a personal brand, who truly gets it. Since the early days as Chrissy where she basically invented "jiggle tv", Suzanne Somers has had a very strong sense of self. With wit, intelligence, and most importantly consistency, she has marketed herself and her "products" through the decades.

She has battled criticism, health crises, a home fire, and career lulls yet still remains the Suzanne Somers we know only too well.

Sure, she hawked The Thighmaster and then later The FaceMaster. And made a fortune. She's a home shopping queen, paving the way for others to great success as well. She took on cancer the natural way, and seems to have won.

And now, true to her brand, she tells us all that we too can be "sexy forever." She looks amazing as she tours the talk show circuit and runs infomercials at night. Perhaps a little pulled, but still the sexy Suzanne Somers we have come to expect. Her new book is a best seller as she inspires her people over forty to stay active, eat well, and lose weight. Her website is chocked full of tips and information, and an entire assortment of products to buy.

Whether you are a follower or a fan or not, you have to admire what this woman has done. She is sexy forever, she is her own brand, and SHE IS Suzanne Somers. We should all manage our own personal brand so well.

What's your experience? Jim.

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