Friday, March 25

Aflac Auditions

It's been a tough month for employees on Twitter. First the gentleman from Detroit was fired for an f-bomb on Chrysler's Twitter account, and now Gilbert Gottfried loses his gig as the Aflac duck after insensitive comments on Twitter about the disaster in Japan. Don't know if you saw them, but they were actually pretty bad. It's hard to have a sense of humor about something so horrific so close to the events. Ouch.

But Aflac is handling it like a marketing pro. Very unceremoniously, they almost instantly cut Gilbert Gottfried as the voice and released a statement. Said and done. What they've done since, though, is brilliant.

The brand is going public with auditions. Taking audition tapes from voice over talent on their website and announcing it online and in television commercials. So smart. Involve your consumers in your quest and turn a public pr nightmare into a positive.

They've even got the "job" posted on!

Finally, a brand that knows how to handle public relations and public sentiment. Good going. If you've got a good voice, "take a quack at it!".

What's your experience? Jim


  1. I saw some of the submissions and they've gotten a great response - some very creative entries as well. I think it was a smart move on their part to engage the public. Thanks to social media anyone can be a star. Plus it may give some undiscovered talent a shot at a dream career. VO work is hard to get. Someone once told me that 10% of the talent pool gets 90% of the work.

    As for Gilbert, what was he thinking?? Really - people in this position (or any position) need to exercise better judgement. This had to be the best gig he's ever had and he screwed it up in 140 characters or less. It's back to the comedy clubs in Oklahoma.

  2. It evidently only takes 140 characters ...... Jim.