Friday, March 18

Customized Advertising

We have certainly seen it with direct mail - the notion of customizing the creative and the messaging coming from a brand based on the demographics and even psychographics of a specific target audience. One set of zip codes gets one mailer, and another set gets an all together different one. Based on the makeup of the audiences in each area. That, is so 1983.

The concept is now moving into television, though, and it's likely to be just in time. Customized television advertising.

It's been happening for awhile now, to some degree. Certain feeds into certain areas of the country where brands could test out different messages. But now, based on viewing data and household information, brands can target messages to different households to make the message much more relevant to those watching. Or to skip those households who would never be interested in the brand.

Imagine that. I don't buy beer. Never. So beer advertisers are completely wasting their money channeling beer advertising to my house. The brand would be much better served by targeting households were there are beer buyers and consumers watching the programming. And specifically their kind of beer buyers.

This could honestly "save" advertising. Many in the industry have been saying that advertising is "dead", and while I am not one of them I certainly do think that advertising needs some evolution. And this is it.

Allowing brands to craft specific messages to specific audiences, while still getting mass reach is enough to keep television advertising as a vibrant part of the marketing mix. Not just for mass reach and awareness, but for trial and repeat purchase as well.

I am going to enjoy watching and helping to drive this innovation! I was recently quoted in an article on this very topic, if you'd like to read it here.

What's your experience? Jim.

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