Tuesday, March 1

Who is James Franco?

Gotta give the guy credit. He captured more attention than any dress, winner, or f-bomb the entire night. We watched him non-stop for 3.5 hours plus all the trailers leading up to the big night. But I still don't feel like I know him

I am left with the burning question .... who is James Franco?

I first "met" him with Spider Man and he was brilliant. This year he was an Oscar nominated leading man. I come to find out that he is a graduate student at NYU and also a soap opera star. Playing a serial killer.

Who is James Franco?

The Academy Awards didn't answer the question. He was distant, stiff, cold, you name it. We certainly didn't get to know him. Not like we know Anne Hathaway anyway.

I find it fascinating, not because he made a bore out of the single biggest pop culture moment of the year but because I can't figure him out. He doesn't seem to care. From a personal branding perspective, I can't peg him. Can't position him. One moment in drag, the next in a tux, the next in a leaked video of a scene from Grease.

Maybe that's the point. Many have called him a renaissance man because he has his head in so many places, doing so many things that don't readily connect. Maybe that's it.

And he carries a flipcam where ever he goes, even backstage with Oprah. Oprah!

What's your experience? Jim.

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