Tuesday, April 12

And Now ... The Donut

First it was a national obsession with the chocolate chip cookie. We couldn't get enough of them and they were all over the place. Perhaps we can thank Mrs. Fields.

That obsession then moved to the cinnamon roll. Delicious. Cinnabon did it right.

Then I believe over the last couple of years we have been fascinated by the cupcake. Big or little, doesn't matter as long as the frosting is thick and creamy. Cupcake companies have popped up all over the place. It's a big business. I have frequented quite a few myself, including my favorite Magnolia Bakery here in New York.

Well now that movement might be moving over again ... to the donut. Gourmet donuts are appearing on fine dining menus and upscale eateries all over the country. I just went into Donut Plant over the weekend, just to witness the varieties of donuts that they make fresh on-site. Carrot cake, devil's food, white chocolate, you name it. The place was packed, all day long.

The donut game is on ... move over cupcakes and make way for the next trend to satisfy our cravings.

What's your experience? Jim.

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