Thursday, April 21

Argo Tea

We talk a lot about coffee.  This is Starbucks 40th Anniversary year so we are talking a lot about coffee.  But the truth is, tea is pretty cool too.  Lots of caffeine, lots of flavor, lots of choices.

There's a new "tea shop" popping up around the country in Chicago, New York, and St. Louis that I think looks pretty cool.  Argo Tea.

Their shops look a bit like Starbucks, and their proposition is similar:  a place to go hang out, grab a cup, and meet up with friends.  Or just get some work done.  The shops are not radically different from Starbucks, just a little "fresher" and certainly focused on tea.

The brand experience is complete with a loyalty club ("Blends with Benefits"), tea ware, a radio show, and of course a charity component.  Tons of signature drinks.  The place is pretty awesome actually.  You can check it all out here.

But what I love is their tagline:  "Tea So Good, It Makes Coffee Jealous!"  Gotta love that.  I'm a sucker for a great tagline.

What's your experience?  Jim.

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  1. I love this Jim!!! As much as I love my morning coffee, I love my afternoon tea! I'll be looking for Argo Tea in our travels!