Tuesday, April 26

Bluefly on Bravo

Andy Cohen from Bravo gives us a tour of his closet
I'll admit that I feel a little bit out of it because I don't do much shopping online.  Sure, I destination browse -- meaning that if I am looking for a very specific item I will surf around for it.  But I still generally go to brick and mortar to do the actual buying.  I'm out of it when it comes to online shopping, particularly in fashion.

But there's no denying the trend -- there's been a huge surge in fashion sites offering designer clothing at great prices.  You become a member and suddenly you have access to amazing deals on "must have" items, particularly shoes and bags.  It's become a real boom online.

Rue La La, Zappos, Gilt Groupe -- there are plenty of places to pine for a new fashion item and try to get it for less.

I do have a particular obsession for Bluefly.  But not for the fashion or the website, but for the advertising.  I think it's brilliant, if you're in the target market.

Bluefly has partnered with Bravo and features several of its reality tv starts in their own closets.  Kyle Richards, Bethenny Frankel, and Andy Cohen have all given us a tour of their closets, pointing out their favorite items or that one thing that sparks a memory that would rather be forgotten.  It's great advertising -- built on the insight that we'd all like to peek into people's closets to see what they are all about.  Bluefly lets us do that, with some of our favorite reality stars.  Yet another dose of reality.

The online experience is very well crafted as well.  You can sort by items or by size and you can save items that you want to keep an eye on.  Very easy to navigate and to keep coming back to.

Bluefly -- The Ultimate Hook Up For The Fashion Obsessed.  And the reality obsessed too.

What's your experience?  Jim.

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