Monday, April 25

Cezanne Card Players

I'm not a big museum person, but I do enjoy going every once in awhile.  I force myself to go every few months and I try to learn something new.  I mean, c'mon I live in NYC!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) is featuring an exhibit from Paul Cezanne and his work called Card Players.  It was absolutely fascinating, and totally captured my attention for a solid 20 minutes, which is a lot for me in a museum.

I hadn't realized that when painting these major works of art, these masters painted them over and over and over again, just to perfect it.  The Card Players is a series of paintings featuring workers from the Cezanne estate all playing cards.  He painted them solo and in pairs, all in preparation for painting the final master work.  He sketched them, painted them, perfected them.  He did an entire study -- all to create an incredible piece of art that now stands still in time.

There was one other thing that impressed me too -- the gift shop!  There was a small gift area dedicated to Cezanne Card Players that had merchandise all about playing cards.  There were gift packs of actual playing cards, books to teach card games, and of course books featuring the works of art.  I thought it was pretty clever for the museum to take the artwork of the master and turn it into a theme.  Great way to engage the kids as well as those of us with short attention spans!

This little visit to The Met will last me about three or four months!

What's your experience?  Jim.

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