Friday, April 29

Countdown to the Kiss

The Royal Wedding did not disappoint. I am sorry to say that there are no snarky comments here.

Kate looked beautiful. Stunningly beautiful in the freshest way possible. She was glowing and perfectly understated in a way that is oh so appropriate for what the world and her country is going through right now.

William looked dashing and a tad bit overwhelmed. I'd like to think that he was thinking of his mom since the last time he saw crowds like that with that much emotion was at his mom's funeral.

This morning we watched a real life fairy tale. Sure you can cast it off as publicity or stupidity, but this morning is what many little girls (and boys) dream of. The fairy tale wedding where the princess finally gets her prince.

It was a wow, and a spectacle, and a defining moment in pop culture. Is the Monarchy still relevant? Who cares! Love is. And we witnessed it at such an aspirational level this morning that it is going to be influencing trends for years to come. Fashion, cosmetics, food, parties, you name it - we will be seeing shades of The Royal Wedding for a long long time.

The crowning moment? The countdown to the kiss! Yes, they had a countdown to the kiss - the moment when the newly married couple comes out on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to wave to their fans. And have their first public kiss as man and wife.

Does it get any bettter than that?

What's your experience? Jim.


  1. I thought it was great, they both looked stunning and the gown was beautiful. My guess is she may set a style trend in wedding gowns. And I understand she did her own make-up. That story seemed to rise to the top as well.

    I don't really remember too much about Charles and Diana's wedding but what does stand out in my mind was that Diana didn't really look overly thrilled to be there. I'm not sure Charles was either. Whereas Kate and Will looked genuinely happy. I'm not a relationship expert but my take is that Kate and William went through the steps it takes to form a strong relationship - friends first, a few rough patches and a 10 year foundation underneath them. Yesterday's ceremony was truly a fairy tale come to life.

  2. Thanks, Maryanne ... always great to "see" you here!

    Best part is that they kissed twice! First time in history.