Tuesday, April 19

Packaging Innovations That Simply Score

I've noticed a couple new packaging innovations in the beverage industry.  They are worth noting not because they are so technologically innovative but because they are just darn clever.  And very much rooted in consumer behaviour.

First Up -- Diet Pepsi and the new skinny can.  So smart.  This is a beverage for people who are not necessarily on a diet but just want to stay thin.  So a short, squat, fat can just never made sense.  But a tall skinny can reinforces the end benefit.  Nothing amazingly new, just smart.  Makes me want to have one right now.

Then -- Bud Light and the new write-on label.  This is a beverage for the bar and party culture.  People drinking throughout the night, putting down their bottles, mingling with friends and meeting new people.  So a write-on space on the front of the bottle lets you put your name, your phone number, your twitter handle ... what ever you feel like.  And you don't even need a pen, just a coin or a key will allow you to scratch in whatever you feel like.  Very clever, and a much better execution than those stupid wine charms you see at gift shops!  Check out the ad here.

Innovation doesn't have to be technologically breakthrough.  But it does have to address a consumer behaviour and satisfy a consumer desire.  In both cases, these little packaging innovations score.

What's your experience?  Jim.


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