Wednesday, April 13

The Right Amount of Wrong

I've been noticing a trend coming out of the "recession" -- not sure if it's an official trend but it's just something that I've noticed in pop culture.

Being bad. It's not like it's a new concept -- being bad has been around ever since civilization. But this seems to be a new kind of bad. A kinder, gentler bad that is almost a form of escapism. It's ok to be bad for a little bit. Good people can enjoy being bad once in awhile.

Maybe we have Las Vegas to thank. The city made it acceptable to explore our wild side without anyone judging, or remembering. And maybe we have the economy to thank as well. We all need a little escapism from our day to day troubles. A night of being bad can sometimes do the trick. A little bit of bad can be good for us.

There's a new campaign for The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas and the headline reads: "The Right Amount of Wrong" and I think that this little ditty captures the sentiment.

So does Rhiannon's new song where she proclaims "I might be bad but I am awfully good at it."

Is this a real trend? Not sure, maybe just a rush of public sentiment. But I've seen enough of it to comment.

Have you noticed ... what's your experience? Jim.

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