Monday, May 2

The Big Winners from The Royal Wedding

We're probably all a little fatigued from chatter about The Royal Wedding.  But we do have to admit that it was a defining moment in pop culture and one of those "where were you when" kind of events.

Aside from the happy Royal Couple, there were a few other winners that emerged from the event, some expected and some totally unexpected.

Great Britain.  Certainly the country benefited greatly from the spectacle.  Will and Kate have put the shine back on the Royal Crown and have certainly put the "Great" back in Great Britain.

Hats.  Hats are back.  And something new that I had never heard of:  fascinators -- very ornate headwear that can take the place of a hat.  They were amazing.

Bridal Gown Manufacturers.  Within hours of Kate's walk down the aisle, wedding dress manufacturers were using the beautiful dress as inspiration for their own lines.  Surely sales will benefit.

Pippa.  The unexpected belle of the ball was Kate's sister, Pippa.  She stole the show, or the after show anyway.  A gorgeous young woman certain to be a new fashion and style icon.

Lady Diana.  The big winner of the day was Diana.  The couple gave several nods to her all day long, including leaving "obey" out of their vows as Diana had done years ago to great criticism.  I think mom would have been proud to see how her boy grew up.  He is clearly his mother's son.

What's your experience?  Jim.

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