Wednesday, May 11

The Celebrity Apprentice

I'm not watching it myself, but from what I hear there's been a battle of the personal brands going on over at The Celebrity Apprentice.

In one corner, NeNe Leakes.  The sassy, outspoken, confrontational -- ok I am going to say it -- junkyard dog.

In the other corner, Star Jones.  Not without her own controversy -- but now consciously trying to be the intelligent, calm, collected -- shall we say -- lady.

I don't know anything about any of this Apprentice stuff, but I am fascinated by the "brands" that have formed during the season.  Both of these women are true to their brand, consistent with their behavior and their language, vying for attention and popularity.  Each trying to be the bigger brand.

And totally over-shadowing the purpose of the show.  No one cares about the outcomes of the challenges, we care so much more about seeing the "brands" in play.

If you didn't believe in personal branding before, what more proof do you need?

What's your experience?  Jim.

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