Tuesday, May 24

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

There's a new film out from the makers of "Super Size Me" about marketing.  It's called "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold" and it's all about the world of securing product placements in entertainment.

Sponsored by Pom. :)

I honestly have not had the chance to see it yet, but am making every attempt this holiday weekend.  But it looks fascinating, to say the least.  "Super Size Me" was so intriguing that I doubt it has the muster of that film, but for us marketers it should be interesting.

Product placements are an entire world unto themselves.  Really successful placements are those that are completely natural, yet still noticeable to the audience.  The key is -- are they convincing enough to change behavior?  Certainly works in fashion, but what about in other categories.

I'm looking forward to watching this man's journey as he works to secure product placements for this very film.

Have you seen the movie yet?  What's your experience?  Jim.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing it! With the ever expanding product placement landscape i.e. the web, Jim what are your thoughts regarding brands and creative partnerships on the web?

  2. Creative partnerships on the web, or anywhere, can be very valuable when there is synergy with the brand equities and a win win win scenario -- both brands win and so does the consumer. Jim.